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Our Mission

Introducing life&heritage
Gentlemen, it’s time to Stand Out From The Crowd and Dare to be Different


Putting a Smile back into Menswear

Our colourful and bold designs, our handpicked fabrics and those little details that you simply will notfind anywhere else are all sure to make you smile.


Designer shirts that make you feel good

Unlike your formal shirts that have a very stiff collar & cuffs that rub and are uncomfortable to wear, life&heritage shirts are all made with a soft fusing in the collar and cuffs to give them a casual feel but a smart look.


Making you feel special

All our shirts are individually handmade, just for you. We like to mix up the little details on each shirt so that no two shirts are exactly the same.We switch round the prints or mix up the buttons to make your shirt unique, whilst staying true to each design, whether it be a Gus or an Archie.

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